Watch 1st 3 mins of BBC America's new zombie series In the Flesh

Watch the First 3 Minutes: IN THE FLESH 3-Night ZOMBIE Event - Starts June 6 BBC AMERICA

We may not have any new Walking Dead this summer, but BBC America has stepped in to fill the undead void with the high-concept zombie drama In the Flesh. Want to watch the first three minutes of this week’s premiere episode?

The series take a post-outbreak approach, set in a world where zombies have been cured and are in the first steps of being reintroduced to society. It’s a weird premise, sure, but the opening of the pilot is extremely intriguing.

Not to spoil the footage, but it opens with a pretty great zombie movie fakeout — setting the scene for what could be one of the smartest sci-fi series of the year.

The series debuts on June 6, and the mothership at the BBC has already ordered a second series. So, if it does well, we’d expect even more zombie goodness in the future.

(Via Zap2It)

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