Supernatural star calls The CW series 'gratuitously misogynistic'

The CW’s long-running series Supernatural has always been about the boys, but now one of the co-stars is speaking out about the lack of strong female characters on the demon-hunting show.

Misha Collins, who has portrayed the Winchesters’ angel pal Castiel the past several years (and is confirmed as a series regular for the upcoming ninth season), spoke up at a recent fan convention about how the series portrays women.

Aside from one-off guest stars and a few recurring roles (i.e. Felicia Day in recent years), the show is basically dominated with male characters. It’s about two brothers, and the writers play it all pretty close to the vest with the core cast.

He, of course, said it all in a half-joking manner (he’s a funny guy), but he seems to hit on some real issues:

"I think that there are small ways in which the show is gratuitously misogynistic ... It kind of makes me cringe sometimes.”

Do you think Collins has a point? Supernatural is one of the few shows on television not to feature a woman as a main cast member. Is it time for that to change?


(Via Zap2It)

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