See more of that Lois/Supes interrogation scene in new Man of Steel clip

Amy Adams does a talk show and, hey, look, she brought a clip!

Next weekend, Man of Steel will finally debut, and even though the embargo on reviews has not been lifted, there's been a positive buzz around the film that's pretty palpable.

Which must be nice for Amy Adams, who's in the midst of doing press for the new Superman movie. Last night she was on Jimmy Kimmel, and, for those of us anxious to devour as much of this movie ahead of time as possible, there was a chance to see a little more of that interrogation scene.

Adams and Cavill have some really interesting on-screen chemistry. It's not quite fireworks, but there's an almost teenage-like nervousness about them. Call it potential energy, if you will. We like it. And we love that Amy's daughter's first crush is Henry Cavill.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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