Rod Serling's last script finally coming to TV thanks to J.J. Abrams

What happens when you mix Lost with The Twilight Zone? Hope you're ready, because we're about to find out.

Before his death in 1975, Rod Serling had written a script called The Stop Along the Way. The story is a virtual unknown. In fact, the only mention of it comes from Serling's final interview. When asked if he had a script he had a special feeling for, Sterling mentioned this story, saying, "And then one that I just wrote called The Stop Along the Way, which is, I think, a lovely script."

That's it. But considering how many strong stories Serling wrote during his career, it's not hard to be intrigued all the same.

And now the script is going to be developed into a limited series by none other than Bad Robot. Considering the kind of TV content they've produced (Alias, Lost, Fringe, Revolution), it's not surprising to see them pick up Serling's work. They love mysteries, and Rod Serling was, in a way, Mr. Mystery.

While Serling's most famous work, The Twilight Zone, is being brought back by X-Men director Bryan Singer, we can't help but be a little more interested in The Stop Along the Way. What could it be about? And will Abrams and company be up to bringing the final Serling story to life?

(via Deadline)

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