'90s cartoon TV hero Captain Planet about to pollute the big screen

Forget those insane, NSFW spoofs — the early 1990s cartoon series Captain Planet and the Planeteers is finally coming to the big screen for real.

Sony is picking up the rights to the cult-classic ‘toon series to develop a big-screen version produced by Mark Gordon (Reaper), Don Murphy (Real Steel) and Susan Montford (Splice).

The series ran for six seasons, following five international teens given powers by Gaia to protect the earth. The kids could also combine all their powers to summon Captain Planet, a big, blue, environmentally friendly superhero who would (literally) fight pollution.

It was cheesy, sure, but the series is ripe for reimagining in the modern era. Environmental consciousness is huge nowadays, and if done right a film version could tap into nostalgia and introduce a whole new generation of kids to the franchise.

Do you think the world needs a new Captain Planet? Who would you cast in the role?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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