Arrow finally explains how Deadshot survived that shot to the eye

One of the dangling mysteries left after the end of Arrow season one was exactly how Deadshot wasn’t, you know, dead. Now we finally know.

To help build the mythos and tie the CW series back to its comic-book roots, the producers have been running a tie-in comic that digs deeper into the events of the show. And, in this case, answers a lingering question.

When last we left Deadshot, he’d taken an arrow to the eye — and was seemingly left for dead by Oliver early in the season. But then he vanished and popped up later in the year ready to kick ass and take names.

So what happened between “left for dead” and “ready to kick ass”? Apparently a lot, and Deadshot ran into a fair bit of trouble after his encounter with the vigilante. Check out the page excerpts below and see for yourself.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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