Man of Steel concept art shows "S" chest designs we didn't see

Aside from the underwear (or lack thereof), one of the most controversial changes in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was the backstory and redesign of the “S” logo on Superman’s chest. Want to see how it could have looked?

Conceptual artist Peter Rubin has revealed a ton of working designs that were kicked around during the development phase — and it’s easy to see that it could’ve been a whole lot worse. 

Dubbed the “Shield of the House of El” in the internal documents, the various design show some wildly different takes on the classic “S” logo. Some are actually pretty cool, while some are terrible, but it’s fascinating to see the evolution. 

Check out the final design above, and let us know if you like any of the ideas below any better.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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