14 smack-talking sci-fi stars who bashed their own movies

Halle Berry: Catwoman

At the time, this box office bomb added insult to injury in regards to a damaged Batman brand before Christopher Nolan was brought in to reboot the whole thing. But, Berry was a good sport about it, and gave this acceptance speech while accepting a Razzie award for the flop: "First of all, I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in this... god-awful movie. It was just what my career needed."

Not all movies are created equal, and sometimes even the actors involved can get on the hate train.

Jim Carrey has recently decided his upcoming movie Kick-Ass 2 is too violent, but he’s not the only actor to backpedal on a movie he made. Some outright lied during the promotional tour and said the movies were good (when the obviously weren't), while others just embraced the terribleness and laughed it off.

We’ve pulled together 14 of the most egregious examples below. So are the actors right? Let us know what you think about these flicks.