Before you watch Under the Dome, pay a visit to 11 other domed cities

Stephen King isn't the only person to offer up that sci-fi delicacy, the city under glass. 

Domed cities are a bit of a science fiction staple. In fact, they're so linked to our idea of the future that, even when domed cities don't appear in a book, they will often still grace its cover.

And why not? Domed cities are cool. They look amazing, they often come with fancy future technology, and people seem pretty happy from the ads!

In reality, though, being enclosed within a dome can get pretty problematic. It might lead to a lack of resources or create a kind of claustrophobic strain among residents. Or you might just be trapped in a horrible dystopia from which there is no escape.

Bottom line -- domes are a bit of a mixed bag. So with the premiere of Under the Dome only days away, we thought we'd take a look at some domed cities you remember and some you might have forgotten.

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