True Blood clip reveals the new man in Sookie's life

Last Sunday, True Blood kicked off its sixth season by picking up right where it left off. The Vampire Authority's all but gone, and Sookie and company were running for their lives. Next week things will cool down as Bon Temps' favorite waitress tries to return to normalcy. But let's be real, this is True Blood, there's no such thing.

HBO's released a preview clip that introduces a new person (or should we say element?) to Sookie. While walking to work, Sookie comes across an injured man (Robert Kazinsky). Her head tells her to ignore him, but her gut says the opposite. It turns out the stranger is suffering from a serious wound, which was caused by a vampire attack. Sookie uses her fairy powers to read his mind and discovers his secret.

Like Sookie, the mystery man has fairy blood, and they engage in a silent conversation. No words, just thoughts. It's an interesting exchange, to say the least. Sookie rescinded Eric's invitation to her home, Bill's still crazy and Alcide is off doing werewolf things ... so could this be her new boy toy?

Check out the new clip below:

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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