8 big book-to-movie adaptation changes we loved (plus 3 we hated)

WE HATED: Watchmen losing the giant squid

A true, absolute anomaly. Director Zack Snyder took every effort to be as faithful as possible to Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel — except with the ending. Huh? Sure, the graphic novel ending would’ve probably taken another hour to properly set up, but the giant squid and character revelations surrounding it is what made the graphic novel so heavy (in a good way). The shortcuts Snyder took to fit that story into a film cheapened it, and butchered the character of Ozymandias in the process.

It’s not uncommon for directors to make some changes when bringing books to the big screen. But not all tweaks are created equal.

With World War Z opening this weekend, and essentially related to Max Brooks’ novel about the oral history of the zombie war in name only, we’ve decided to pull together a few of our favorite (and least favorite) ways that sci-fi movies have been changed over the years.

From dropping heavy-handed political messages to throwing away the ending, there have been a lot of nips and tucks made over the years to classic sci-fi stories. Check out our list below and let us know about some of your favorite (and least favorite) changes.

Obviously, some spoilers ahead!