That long-rumored Locke & Key movie is finally back on track

As much as networks and studios have tried to kill it, Locke & Key just refuses to die. The latest update? It sounds like the comic, which has already failed to earn a pickup as a TV series, will instead be coming to the big screen.

We’d heard rumblings last year that the story, based on horror novelist Joe Hill’s acclaimed comic, could find new life as a potential film series. Now it sounds like producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have set up shop at Universal Studios to bring it back to life.

The pilot earned rave reviews from critics, but Fox ultimately decided to pass on a series order. But Orci and Kurtzman refused to give up. They probably had to use some of their Star Trek and Transformers cred to keep it alive, but it worked — and The Hollywood Reporter says we could see a movie within the next few years.

Considering that Orci and Kurtzman are already intimately involved in the project, you’d have to think they could put together a pretty quick turnaround on this one. 

Though the story would probably best be suited to a miniseries-style run, a feature film could still give the supernatural tale enough room to breathe.

Are you glad to hear the project has officially found new life?

(Via Joe Hill)

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