Watch Amazing Spidey 2 actress do a terrible job hiding who she'll play

This indie actress has a lot to learn about the press-junket grind of big-budget filmmaking.

Being an actor in a major motion picture isn't an easy gig in a post-spoilers world. Between fans clamoring to know/not know what's coming and producers obsessing over the right pace to reveal details in order to maximize box-office buzz, we're tempted to say dealing with the press is harder than the actual acting part of the job.

Actor Felicity Jones is learning the hard way just how hard journalists will try to prise out a secret. While promoting her film Breathe In, Jones was seemingly caught off guard when interviewer Jan Gilbert asked "Are you looking forward to everyone seeing you as Black Cat finally?" Jones fumbles for her words and then said, "Yeah, if that happens, that would be wonderful, yeah."

So if you were wondering whether Felicity Jones was playing Felicia Hardy, the answer seems rather evident. In fact, based on Jones's response, it seems likely we might even see her in costume. But don't just take our word for it. Watch the video for context and see what you think.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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