New 3 min World War Z clip is longest look yet at zombie carnage

WORLD WAR Z - Official Clip - "Philadelphia"

A new clip from Brad Pitt’s World War Z finally shows off more of the zombie insanity, and gives us our best look yet at those antlike undead.

Yes, this flick has been through the wringer as far as rewrites and reshoots, but there’s no denying — it looks absolutely epic in scale. Pitt has been saying all along that this is a worldwide look at an outbreak, and those wide set-piece shots look breathtaking.

Who knows, maybe Damon Lindelof really does have the magic touch. It could happen, right?

The footage here seems to come from pretty early in the film, with Pitt and his character’s family trying to escape the bustling, zombie-filled streets of Philadelphia. Again, they've shown they can make a big movie. But the jury is still out on whether it's a good movie.

The flick opens June 21. Do you like what you see?

(Via YouTube)

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