Man of Steel writer says DC's movie plan is: Do the OPPOSITE of Marvel

With Marvel already in Phase II of their box-office takeover, DC is admittedly late to the party — but they think they can succeed by doing the opposite of The Avengers playbook.

David Goyer, writer of Man of Steel (and possibly Man of Steel 2 and Justice League), opened up during the Empire podcast about how they will likely use a Justice League movie to spin off standalone films. Marvel has proven that a slate of standalones can help launch a team-up, but DC wants to show it can work the other way around.

Here are Goyer’s comments:

“[Man of Steel] would be the starting point for introducing other characters and ultimately, obviously Warner Brothers hopes there will be a 'Justice League' film and perhaps you might start seeing other characters appearing in each other’s films. I think in some ways they’re interested in going perhaps the opposite direction that Marvel has done which may be to do a group film and then spin off.”

Considering the huge success of The Avengers, it’s no surprise that DC wants to unleash their whole arsenal on one massive project. But Marvel had the benefit of all those standalones to establish the universe, which let director Joss Whedon go nuts and have fun with Avengers. But you'd think Justice League will have to devote at least some time to getting things off the ground.

Do you think this strategy can work, or has Marvel already mastered it?

(Via The Playlist)

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