Arrow star pushing for Justice League crossovers in season 2

Rumors have been making the rounds that The CW’s hit series Arrow could introduce a few more heroes next season, and now star Stephen Amell has chimed in.

In a chat with Digital Spy recapping the first season and looking toward what’s coming next, Amell teased that he would love to see some version of the Justice League introduced during season two. 

Why? Because he’s interested to see how the writers would adapt the characters into the more grounded Arrow universe:

“I hope so, very much hope so. I would just like to see them come through our universe and get our treatment, so to speak, so it could be anyone.”

If the writers did want to expand the roster next season, it’d be the perfect time. They played season one pretty close to the vest, and did a great job of getting the series outside the shadow of the long-running Smallville. Now that the world is established, why not bring in some more ass-kicking friends?

Would you like to see some version of the Justice League roll out in season two?

(Via Digital Spy)

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