Rumor of the day: Disney World prepping massive Star Wars Land

It sounds like Disney is taking full advantage of the Star Wars property, and pretty soon we might be able to grab a drink at a real-life intergalactic cantina.

Rumors are swirling that Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Fla., is prepping to launch Star Wars Land by 2018 at the theme park. The “Land” would join other similar areas based on Disney properties.

The reports come via Theme Park Insider and, and build on a survey that made the rounds a few months back from the Mouse House asking potential visitors if they’d be interested in a Star Wars-themed area.

So is it true? More likely than not. The Star Wars brand is one of the biggest in sci-fi, and with Disney’s grand plan to make the property even bigger with everything from new videogames to animated series and Episode VII, a theme park would be the perfect zeitgeist to tie it all together.

So, start saving, folks — Disney World could be looking a whole lot cooler in the next few years.

(Via /Film)

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