Hellbugs invade this revealing collection of Defiance concept art

Syfy's Defiance seems to have caught on with its first successful season, and a second season has already been greenlit. And the MMO third-person shooter videogame from Trion Worlds was designed to accompany the ambitious TV series in a transmedia synthesis to expand the fanbase and explore more characters and layered backstory within both realms.

Conceptual artist Peter Han released this amazing artwork showcasing his wild ideas for the Modunauts, Gulanee, 99er Blacklung, bristling Vulge Colonizers and a ferocious herd of Hellbug Warriors.

Feeling a little light on defense? Pack some heavy heat and don't be caught empty-handed without gearing up with something from his epic arsenal of otherwordly weapons.

Han is a veteran illustrator who worked on Silent Hill Experience, World of Warcraft and Spyro the Dragon. Defiance was released back in April for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

Have a look at Han's heroic handiwork!

(Via Concept Art World)

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