These 2 DC heroes might get their own movies after Justice League

We already knew that DC is prepping Man of Steel 2 on the road to Justice League, and now we’re hearing some rumblings as to which heroes could get the standalone treatment after that.

A story at The Wrap has revealed that DC stalwarts Wonder Woman and Aquaman are on the short list for follow-up films, assuming Man of Steel performs well and helps launch a new big-screen DC universe.

Here’s the excerpt:

That includes kicking the tires on films for Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Warner Bros.’ plan would be to release two "Man of Steel" films before moving on to the "Justice League," a project everyone at Warner Bros. unofficially acknowledges is being developed.

Judging by the way it’s phrased, it matches us with a lot of the buzz we’ve been hearing about DC’s approach. If Man of Steel is a hit, we’ll likely see Man of Steel 2 before Justice League — which would add another film as a “buffer” to help lay the groundwork, similar to the way Iron Man 2 helped expand the Marvel universe.

As for the standalone options: Aquaman and Wonder Woman are both popular properties, and this would obviously mean they’d have pretty substantial roles in Justice League to help springboard them. It also seems that DC and Warner Bros. are content to let Batman have a rest as fans get acclimated to the new shared universe and decompress from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Our only complaint? Joss Whedon’s deal with Marvel would almost certainly knock him out of the running to direct Wonder Woman, so we’ll have to file that one back in the “pipe dream” category. Sigh.

So do you think Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the right properties to follow-up Justice League? 

(Via The Wrap)

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