New Pacific Rim footage reveals origins of monster-fighting mechs

Some new footage from Pacific Rim has been released, breaking down how Guillermo del Toro’s massive, monster-fighting mechs came to be.

Focused on easily the coolest aspect of del Toro’s sci-fi epic, the new 4-minute featurette digs into the creation of the Jaegers and how humanity uses them to battle the huge alien invaders.

The interviews and footage are quite revealing, and peels back the layers for the sheer amount of detail del Toro and his gang are putting together for this film. This is shaping up to easily be one of the most ambitious, original sci-fi flicks in a long time — and it’ll be interesting to see if the viewing public is biting.


The film opens July 12. Do you like what you see?

(Via Gizmodo)

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