Kid expects to meet Iron Man, gets Robert Downey Jr. instead, cries

The story of Robert Downey Jr. meeting this little kid is so sad it's hilarious. 

When you're not even 2 years old, your brain doesn't always quite grasp the more subtle aspects of life. Take, for example, young Jaxson Denno, who was told by his mother that he was going to meet Iron Man. She wasn't playing a cruel prank -- Robert Downey Jr. just happened to be filming in their neighborhood.

So the good news is that Downey was only too happy to snap a photo with Jaxson. The bad news, however, was that the kid didn't get that RDJ was Iron Man. Then the worst happened -- the kid started crying hysterically. Downey did his best to console him and, eventually, succeeded.

But not before this priceless photo was snapped.

According to Jaxson's mom, he was "confused because I kept telling him it was Iron Man and he knew it wasn't. Well, not Iron Man in the suit." So the lesson here is that RDJ should always have the Iron Man suit on hand, just in case.

(via Gawker)



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