Jamie Foxx reveals what Electro will sound like in Amazing Spidey 2

We may have seen what Electro will look like, but how will he sound? 

While Jamie Foxx was on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno asked him about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2. They talked about a few things, including Foxx's delicious Jheri-curl-gone-wrong comb-over, but they also touched on something very important -- voice.

If there is one thing that can genuinely make or break a character, it's what they sound like. If Batman brought vengeance to the night sounding like Pee Wee Herman, it wouldn't be great. And likewise, Electro, a character who is far less defined than many comic-book characters, needs a memorable voice that will strike fear into the hearts of men, women, children and the occasional dinosaur. What does Foxx deliver?

So it's a little bit of your basic gravelly, low-toned smolder. It could work, but, to be honest, we're more scared of the comb-over. That thing is serious!

(via Comic Book Movie)

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