Luke looks a lot like Buck Rogers in unused 1977 Star Wars poster

A long-lost, unused poster for George Lucas’ original Star Wars has been unearthed — and it’s trying really hard to evoke your love for classic sci-fi action of yore.

The poster was apparently one of many considered for the film’s marketing campaign, which was an admittedly risky proposition at the time for a huge sci-fi spectacle. So why not target a specific subset of aging sci-fi fans and let them know what to expect?

Showing off a blaster-wielding Luke, the poster comes with the tagline: “First, Buck Rogers. Then, Flash Gordon. Now, Luke Skywalker.” Subtle, no? The unused design was apparently generated under the stewardship of marketing guru Doyle Dane Bernbach, who was responsible for figuring out how to sell Lucas’ vision to the world.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious why they didn’t use this one. Lucas was aiming to revamp sci-fi filmmaking entirely —and blatantly hitching your wagon to the classics isn’t the best way to do that. Plus, it’s a little misleading to have Luke armed with a blaster instead of a lightsaber.

But, it’s still awesome to think how we could’ve had this poster, instead of the iconic design we all know and love up above.

(Yahoo! via Space1970)

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