Exsmellsior! Stan Lee cologne might be the weirdest fragrance ever

Oh, Stan Lee -- it's like you read our minds! 

There are Star Trek colognes, and Neil Gaiman has fragrances -- but Stan Lee? That was the hole in the olfactory armor.

But no more! Because after decades of waiting, Stan Lee has finally released his weirdest tie-in product ever what we've always wanted -- a cologne that smells like him! From the mouth of the man himself:

Not only do I want fans to look sharp like their favorite superhero and their Generalissimo here, but I thought wouldn’t it [be] fun to offer them the chance to smell like one too… whether they have a date or a rendezvous with an ally.

So what does Stan Lee smell like? "Bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil, and violet and features layers of cedar, vetiver and musk accords," apparently. And here we assumed he smelled like long boxes full of Silver Age comics and money. Go figure! If you want a bottle, it'll run you $24.99, but it's a small price to pay to smell like the king of comic books.


(via The Mary Sue

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