Nathan Fillion reveals the real reason he hasn't been in any Marvel movies yet

Joss Whedon has never been shy about his unabashed love of Nathan Fillion -- so why isn't Fillion a Marvel superhero yet?

At San Diego Comic Con several years back, when we were all first excited at the notion that Whedon would be directing the Avengers movie, Fillion unexpectedly turned up at one of Joss' panels. At that panel, Whedon jokingly announced that Fillion was Ant Man and, while we all sort of assumed that would not happen, there was still the generally belief that, inevitably, Fillion would be donning some combination of cape and tights.

But Fillion has not appeared in any Marvel movies. With each passing film, rumors build as to why that is. Does Nathan not like Marvel? Did Joss and Nathan have a falling-out of some kind? Fortunately, though, Fillion put those fears to rest and finally gave the real answer why he hasn't been in any big-budget superhero flicks yet.

Right now, I'm still pretty tied up with Castle. I have a couple of years of that to go. We're having a great time, we're telling some great stories and we're enjoying it. Joss and James have done so much for me, I'm not the guy that goes knocking at their door and goes, 'Do some more for me!' You know what I mean? They're doing great stuff right now and I'm having a great time right now, so I think that once I wrap up Castle, and we get a little more free time on our hands...

It's as simple as that. We're glad to know that Fillion has found happiness with his Castle family, and we're even more glad to know that he still thinks that, eventually, he'll make his way to Marvel.

Now -- which superhero should Fillion play?

(via Comic Book Movie)


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