Time-lapse images shows how vintage Star Wars toys deteriorate

Star Wars may be forever,  but its toys sure aren't.

Kenner created the first run of toys for George Lucas' epic franchise and, in doing so, imprinted themselves upon children for generations. We can't imagine any kids out there who didn't at one point in their lives own or play with a Kenner Star Wars toy.

But as fun as the models for those toys were, they were not designed to last throughout the ages. And that's precisely where tumblr site Merchandising Is Forever comes in. They've crafted these astonishing animated gifs that show the effect that time (and play) have on these classic figures. Check out a few of them.

So -- have you got any old Kenner toys? And, if ya do, what kind of shape are yours in?

(via Laughing Squid)


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