Celebrate Star Wars Day with 20 awesome Darth Vader costume mods

May the Fourth be with you, everyone!

Yes, Star Wars Day is upon us once again, and it's by far our favorite holiday based on a somewhat strained pun. We celebrate Star Wars Day in many ways. We watch the movies, we read the comics, we play with our Millenium Falcon model kits, and we also celebrate fandom. It's been nearly 36 years since the first Star Wars film hit theaters, and the fandom surrounding the franchise remains among the most vibrant in all of nerdery.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the world of cosplay, where Star Wars fans are never content to simply dress exactly like their favorite characters. No, this is a world where the iconic characters of the franchise are modified and warped into new creations that are sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but always awesome. So in the spirit of fandom celebration we gathered our favorite costume mods of the franchise's most recognizable character -- Darth Vader -- for you to enjoy this Star Wars Day.

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