Learn the shocking identity of the Bat family member DC just killed

Unlike the death of Damian Wayne, this character's untimely demise was kept secret until today. 

Justice League of America #4 hit stands today, and it packed quite a wallop. Surprising absolutely everyone, it closed with what seems to be the death of one of DC's most popular characters. So who bit it this time, and how permanent is it likely to be? This is your last chance to jump ship, because we're about to dive head first into the deep end of the spoiler pool.


Bang! Catwoman just got shot, point blank, right through the skull. As comics go, that's pretty grisly. If the preview for the next issue is anything to go by, this death might even stand for a while.

Reeling from the traumatic death following issue #4’s cliffhanger, the ‘world’s most dangerous team’ discovers what the Secret Society is ultimately after -- and who they are.

Catwoman is not a superhero. She's not even always the good guy. She's just a flawed human with moments of brillance. In fact, the only thing that could keep her alive is her character's longevity.

When Damian died, we all assumed (and still assume) that he'll just take a dip in the Lazarus Pit and that'll be that. But what'll they do about Catwoman? Even if she doesn't stay dead, we could easily see there being some serious, Barbara-Gordon-esque consequences.

We know this much -- Batman is not going to take it well.

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