Sentinels! X-Men set pic confirms Trask Industries involvement

The rumors are true (well, at least some of them). Amid speculation that Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past would feature Trask industries, the director has finally offered the first confirmation that the Sentinel creators would be a part of the latest sequel.

We’ve already been speculating that Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage would play Bolivar Trask, the mastermind behind the mutant-hunting death bots, and now Singer has leaked out a peek at the Trask Industries logo behind the scenes.

Singer’s pic shows someone sporting a Trask company jacket, hitting up a craft table behind the scenes. This lends even more credence to the rumor that Dinklage will play a '70s-era Trask, heading up the company and hunting down some mutants.

Between this, and the recent Quicksilver casting, Singer seems to be digging deep into X-Men lore. Are you glad to see that Trask Industries will officially be included in the film?

(Via Bryan Singer)

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