Epic Star Trek supercut recaps all 12 movies in 7 thrilling mins

Star Trek - The Ultimate Film Tribute (HD)

The Star Trek franchise has been on the big screen for a staggering 12 movies and 34 years, and between different crews and alt timelines, that’s a whole lot of continuity to keep straight. Luckily, we have this glorious supercut to help us keep it all straight.

Tracing the entire big-screen history of Trek, the supercut takes us through J.J. Abrams' new films, back to The Original Series era and all the way through the Next Generation. It’s a great homage to the history of the franchise, and it also shows just how different Abrams’ take on the aesthetics looks when compared to the more traditional style.

Check out the clip below, relive the glory days, and let us know which era is your favorite.

(Via JoBlo)

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