School flyer says NO to Superman, bans kids from playing superhero

Now this is what we call a nanny state!

You know the phrase "boys will be boys"? We think that, if we're being honest, that statement can be applied to all kids, especially when they're hovering around pre-K age. Kids get into stuff, don't have much in the way of human empathy, and aren't exactly socially programmed yet. Bottom line -- kids get into scrapes. That is the closest thing they have to a career.

But one preschool is trying to keep kid-on-kid violence down to a minimum, and they're trying to do that by outlawing superheroes.

A flyer has made its way online that claims kids' imaginations have reached the point where they are "dangerously overactive, causing injuries." The directors of the school feel this problem stems from kids re-enacting things from their favorite shows and movies, but make a point of specifying "Wrestling, Super Hero play, and Monster games."


Teachers and directors, in this case, are asking parents to "monitor the different media' their children are viewing. Which, well, duh. Parents should probably be aware of what their kids watch on TV.

But what we're not so sure about is whether kids shouldn't be permitted to enjoy comic-book characters. Seems kind of extreme, doesn't it? Yes, there can be a lot of action, but, overwhelmingly, heroes are positive role models for kids. They can often serve as a means to teach right and wrong.

What we're saying is -- isn't this throwing the baby out with the bathwater? What do you think?

(via Comics Beat)

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