Grab your glasses! New Into Darkness trailer 1st look at Trek 2's 3D effects

Star Trek Into Darkness Official 3D Trailer

The studio is wrapping up a nifty viral marketing stunt, which has unveiled a new 3D trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Want to see Benedict Cumberbatch wreak havoc on Starfleet ... in 3D?

It all started by asking fans to tweet #The1701, and ended with 1,701 of them (get it?) being selected to receive that cool wreckage poster, a pair of old-school 3D glasses and a secret URL to check out a new 3D trailer.

Well, the rest of us might not have gotten the cool poster and 3D glasses, but we do have the new 3D trailer above. It seems to be your basic anaglyph-style (blue and red lens) video, so if you have an old pair of 3D glasses lying around, dig ‘em out and give this thing a look.

The folks at Trek Movie have been kind enough to post what the prize pack looks at, so go ahead, marvel and be jealous: 

The movie opens May 17. Are you digging the 3D effects?

(Via Trek Movie)

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