1st peek at long-delayed Jurassic Park 4 reveals major plot point

With one innocent tweet, Jurassic Park 4’s director has opened the floodgates for the long-delayed sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster.

Colin Trevorrow, who has taken the helm of the latest dinosaur romp, has released the first unofficial look at the film — which seems to include a pretty major plot point. Good news, dino hunters: It seems we’ll be heading back to where it all began.

The flick has been in development for about a decade, and in that time it’s gone through several different versions (including one with evil dinosaur men). So we really have no idea what the heck Trevorrow has in store.

Now we at least have a hint. Trevorrow revealed the first location scouting photo with a single word for reference: “Nublar,” aka the island home of the original Jurassic Park from the first film. So now we know that the original park (or at least the island) should feature in the sequel, meaning the studio could be planning to draw on that Jurassic Park 3D nostalgia.

What do you think Trevorrow has in store for the dinosaurs’ triumphant return?

(Via /Film)

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