Actor hints we could see Black Panther soon (like Avengers 2 soon!)

Could Black Panther's first big-screen appearance come courtesy of Joss Whedon?

Just yesterday Kick-Ass 2 co-star Morris Chestnut posted a tweet that hinted he might be Marvel's choice to play T'Challa, King of Wakanda. Chestnut fans promptly got stoked, though it wasn't clear if he was hinting that he got the part or just that he was trying to get the part. Or maybe he was just getting deeper into comics, right?

Well, today we've got more Twitter teasers from Chestnut, and though the bigwigs at Marvel might not be too happy that it's coming out this way, this time we could have actual news on our hands. Here's how Chestnut chose to respond to one fan who said he was excited to see a Black Panther flick:

 As with yesterday's tweet, there are several ways to interpret this. Does it mean it's not final that Black Panther has his own movie? Does it mean it's not final that he'll be in Avengers 2? Does it mean it's not final that either will happen? Or does it mean it's not final that Chestnut is involved? However you read it, it's pretty clear that Chestnut knows something about T'Challa's big-screen future (or he's just really into pretending he does), and you can bet that sometime soon Marvel will either be trying to quiet him down or cooking up their own hints.

What do you think? Should Black Panther assemble for Whedon's next Avengers flick, or does he need his own movie first?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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