Kick-Ass 2 star just hinted he's playing Black Panther (or did he?)

Is this the future King of Wakanda?

Marvel's been talking about a Black Panther movie for a while now without ever really seeming to make much progress. In a way, that's understandable. They've got a lot of movies on their plate already, and a Black Panther flick might not be as effortlessly bankable as, say, a Spider-Man flick, so it's the sort of thing that requires a more delicate approach. But a tweet from an actor who's already got a (slight) Marvel connection may mean there's more work going on with this film than we knew.

You might recognize Morris Chestnut from his work on genre TV series like the reboot of V and, most recently, American Horror Story. He's also got a role in the forthcoming Kick-Ass 2, created by Fox's Marvel Movie Guru Mark Millar. Earlier today, Chestnut posted this tweet:

 That link, in case you don't want to bother clicking, takes you to Chestnut's Facebook page, where he posted a photo of a Black Panther comic-book cover. Hmm ...

So we've got an actor with proven genre cred, who's working with Mark Millar, who's publicly sharing that he's reading up on a character that could be Marvel's next big movie project (you know, behind Guardians of the GalaxyAnt-Man and possibly Doctor Strange, at least). This could be nothing more than Chestnut deciding to read more comics since working on Kick-Ass 2, or it could just mean he's preparing to audition for the role and he might not end up with it. Or it could mean (and could is a very key word here) that Marvel's Black Panther flick has taken a big jump forward.

What do you think? Would Chestnut make a good Black Panther?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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