9 sci-fi classics that deserve a 3D re-release (and 3 that don't)

Yes: Back to the Future 2

If the studios are wanting to dig a little deeper into the vault for a film to bring back to life in 3D, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option that Back to the Future 2. Admittedly, it’s the second installment in the franchise, but it also has the coolest effects as it makes a trip into 2015. Hey, 2015 is getting pretty close, right? Plus, this one is a great family film, and could appeal to a wide demographic of new and old fans.

With Jurassic Park 3D blowing up the box office, studios seem more than willing to dig into the archive for some rereleases. So what would we like (and not like, 'cause you know some are gonna get made whether we want them or not) to see back on the big screen?

Jurassic Park 3D proved there’s an audience out there if studios can find the right films and do a solid job of adding some new value with the 3D. Is it an obvious cash-in? Well, of course, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t jump at the chance to see a few sci-fi classics in theaters again.

From former box-office juggernauts to cult classics that have become hits on home video, there are a lot of options out there.

Check out some of our picks below, and let us know which films you’d like to see back on the big screen: