4 retro Trek posts will have you seeing TOS in a whole new way

April has landed and artist Juan Ortiz is showering us with four new flashback tribute posters saluting the sensation that was Star Trek's original '60s TV series.  Ortiz is out to complete the stellar task of creating artwork for all 80 episodes of Gene Roddenberry's beloved galactic odyssey show.   The project began back in August of last year and has produced some imaginitive poster renderings from the full catalog of Trek episodes.

For April, Ortiz has selected The Doomsday Machine, Elaan of Troyius, Patterns of Force and The Paradise Syndrome, carefully crafting them with creative nods to ancient lettering, WPA posters, old Ghost Rider comics and boysenberry bubbles.

To catch up on the previous eight sets, check out March's posters here, with links back to the very first foursome.

Every four-print series is created on premium, 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper.  Each poster measures 18x24 inches and a set goes for $34.95 at QMxonline.com. For Ortiz' illuminating comments on this ninth set of mod Trek posters, head over to StarTrek.com.

(Via Star Trek)

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