Former Who companion Karen Gillan goes all zombie in amusing ad

Drop-dead gorgeous former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan is literally dropping dead (and falling to pieces) in this hilarious Walking Dead-meets-L’Oréal beauty spoof.

The actress has found a second career as a walking corpse! Not many can boast that on their CVs.

This very special makeover—which includes falling pieces of rotting flesh (we think we just threw up a little bit in our mouths, but in a good kinda way)—was done for a Walking Dead-inspired installment for BBC America’s The Nerdist, which'll be hosted by Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick

There will be a series of z’Ombéal skin care ads to be featured on this upcoming Saturday’s episode, airing at 10/9c on BBC AMERICA. Have a look:

Karen Gillan is still pretty hot, right? Hot in that special rotting, flesh-eating, zombie kinda way ...

But just in case you've forgotten just how really hot Gillan is, here's an added bonus:

And you're welcome.

(via BBC America)

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