Why PayPal co-founder says Avatar helped kill the tech we need

Is the biggest threat to the future of the tech industry ... James Cameron?

OK, so maybe not the biggest threat, but one prominent tech mogul just complained -- very publicly -- that his industry is declining thanks in part to films like Avatar and The Matrix, which portray technology as "destructive and dysfunctional." 

Speaking Monday at the Milken Institute Global Conference in California, PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel blasted Hollywood for continuing to make movies where "technology is going to kill you." 

Thiel didn't just blame Hollywood. He also cited a "risk-averse" culture in the industry, took a shot at the lack of economic opportunity in California (once the key tech hub of the U.S.) and decried a lack of ambition in the tech world.

"We've been talked into believing that throwing angry birds at pigs is the best we can do," he said.

Thiel wasn't shy about naming a variety of factors causing the "deceleration" of the industry that made him rich, but even with all the other elements in play, he said Hollywood deciding it was time to make fewer films about technology's perils would be a "very good sign" that things are improving.

It's worth noting that Hollywood was making films about dangerous technology (The Terminator, for example) when tech was very much on the rise, but could Thiel have a point? Are sci-fi movies hurting the way we perceive advances in technology?

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