This fan's map of the TARDIS is so detailed it should be the real thing

The Doctor's spaceship is immeasurable in scope and infinitely complex in design. Good thing it now comes with a map! 

So where does the Doctor sleep? What's in his library? How does one make his way through the endless catacombs of the TARDIS to find the rec room or, possibly, an untempered schism? The answer is with this fantastically intricate, series of maps made by fan Alibi_factory, laying out each layer of the bigger-on-the-inside time machine from Gallifrey.

Fan-made, sadly, means it's not official, but, frankly, we think the producers of Doctor Who should keep these images tacked up on their walls for their own reference the next time they want to do a ship-in-a-bottle story. Could come in handy!

(via The Mary Sue)

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