This kid built his own hyper-realistic Iron Man suit out of foam

The Iron Man suit isn't just for billionaire playboy philanthropists anymore.

Going into that first phase of Disney's Marvel movies, we never would have believed that, of all the heroes, Iron Man would have received the most faithful adaptation. But when he first appeared on the big screen, Robert Downey Jr. looked as though he had waltzed right off the comic page. It takes big money to make that happen. Or does it?

Seventeen-year-old Archie Whitehead was convinced there had to be a way to make an Iron Man suit of his own without having to spend a fortune he didn't have. He'd heard of someone making a suit out of fiberglass, but that, too, would have been too costly. Whitehead knew people were able to make Master Chief's (from Halo) costume out of foam, and thought to himself, "Why can't I make the suit out of that?"

And that is precisely what he did. It was no easy job, though. Over the course of four months, Whitehead had to download 3D files from costuming forums, eyeball the movie costume to make his own personal adjustments, then trace and cut out the foam. And that's the easy part!

Then the real artistry begins -- polishing out the corners and adding small details in the form of bolts for the joints. He did use fiberglass for one part -- the helmet. And when you see the incredible detail, you'll see why. There just wouldn't have been a way to craft intricate details like that with just foam.

Four months later and $500 lighter, Whitehead had his final product, and we have to say it is well worth the effort. Check out the gallery and marvel at this one guy's pure ingenuity and skill. We hope Disney sees this, because we think he could do great work for them.

(via Mashable)

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