9 actors who've got what it takes to bring Guardians' Rocket Raccoon to life

Heading into deep space to tell an intergalactic tale is hard enough, but one of James Gunn’s biggest challenges with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely going to be Rocket Raccoon. So who should bring the alien-slaying critter to life?

Considering the fact that the team member is actually, you know, an anthropomorphized raccoon, it actually opens up a lot of casting options. He’s obviously going to be entirely CGI, so Gunn could go the traditional actor route, or even sign on a really good voice actor.

Though comedians (most notably Adam Sandler, please God, no) were rumored for the role early on, Gunn has since gone on to say Rocket Raccoon will not be a cartoony character. In an interview with HeyUGuys, he actually described him as a “mangled beast,” “created by these guys to be a mean-ass fighting machine.”

Now, that’s a butt-kicking raccoon we can get behind.

So which actors do we think would be a good fit to bring the “mangled beast” to life?

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