Fans love the Wolverine poster so much they've stolen half of them

The upcoming X-Men spinoff The Wolverine is building a lot of buzz among sci-fi fans. So much, in fact, that the studio is having trouble keeping promo posters on the streets.

From movies to music to videogames, poster theft is a pretty common problem these days. But fans like that hand-drawn Wolverine poster so much that they can’t help but steal them. Like, a lot of them. 

Collider caught up with Fox’s Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella, who said that more than half of the posters they’ve rolled out in the wild have been stolen. It’s become such an issue that the studio has decided to bite the bullet and replace all those missing posters, many of which disappeared from bus shelter advertising walls.

This is what happens when a marketing plan goes a little too right.

It’s a good problem to have, in a way, because it shows fans have an unhealthy passion for the flick. But it’s also cutting into the advertising budget if half the posters they ponied up for have come up missing.

If you want to snag a poster yourself (if you’re feeling criminalistic, of course), you still have a little time, as Wolverine doesn’t open until July 26. Just be on the lookout for The Man, of course.

Have you ever stolen a poster? Which movie?

(Via Collider)

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