This guy spent 2+ years and $150K building his own Batcave

In which a new contender for biggest Batman fan enters the ring.

Chris Weir likes Batman. A LOT. So much so that, in 2006, when he was house-hunting, he had one specific need in mind -- a very large basement. Some people might build a rec room, but not Weir. His heart was set on building his very own Batcave.

Over the course of two years and spending upwards of $150,000 in construction, Weir has crafted a space suitable for the $100,000 worth of Batman memorabilia he owns. He has Batman costumes, weapons, comics all proudly displayed. He's even a Batman-themed grandfather clock that always tells the same time -- the moment Bruce Wayne's parents were killed.

Most notable, though, is the Shakespeare bust whose head opens to reveal a button that actually opens a secret panel in the library! Oh, and don't forget the 120-inch movie screen for watching your favorite Batman movies.

Just one question -- where's the giant penny?

(via Uproxx)

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