Winter Soldier revealed in Captain America 2 + Guardians art

Some new concept art from Phase 2 of Marvel’s master plan has leaked out, and we finally get to see Captain America duking it out with his new nemesis the Winter Soldier. Oh, plus we get three new shots from the deep space team-up Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Captain America: Winter Soldier shot is definitely interesting, as we can see Cap in an all-out brawl with the sequel's new Big Bad. It looks pretty action-packed, and is a nice little teaser as filming ramps up on the sequel this month.

The three new sketches from Guardians of the Galaxy are also pretty intriguing, and one of them has a major Star Wars cantina vibe (in a very good way). The other two head into deep space, showing off some massive ships and an otherworldly locale.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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