Strange rock used as a ham press turns out to be $5M meteorite

One man's junk is another man's priceless artifact from outer space. 

Faustino Asensio Lopez, a farmer from Spain, discovered a strange rock while surveying his fields back in 1980. It weighed a whopping 220 pounds, so he did what any practical man might do -- he put the darn thing to work.

For 30 years, the suspicious rock served Lopez well as a ham press. But one day, Lopex saw a news report about meteors landing in Spain. Suddenly curious, he decided he would finally figure out just what he had. The result is better than every Antique Roadshow appraisal combined.

...after extensive analysis by geologists, it has been determined that Lopez's ham press is actually a pre-historic metallic meteorite, with a value somewhere north of $5 million.

Wow! That is one expensive meat tenderizer! And with good reason -- how else are you going to make pork from space or, as Dr. Seuss might call it, Green Eggs and Ham?

(via Geekologie)

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