New details revealed for Stargate Atlantis season that never was

A moon base, time travel, huge space battles, and that's just the beginning!

Stargate Atlantis was canceled after its fifth season, but the story wasn't supposed to end there. Far from it. And writer Joseph Mallozzi decided he'd dropped some major knowledge on fans and fill us in on all the schemes that never made it to air.

The story would begin on a new lunar base. The gate has been offline for a bit, but the controversial decision is made by IOA to bring it back online, thus setting up a permament moon base.

Unfortunately, a failsafe was installed by the Ancients in the event that Atlantis was ever moved. With the city about to self-destruct, there's only one choice -- get the hell back to Pegasus. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the wormhole drive shuts down partway through, leaving the cast stranded in the Triangulum Galaxy, 300,000 light-years from home (or anywhere, really). And that's where things really go haywire. According to Mallozzi:

What follows is a high-flying adventure involving a mysterious civilization tapping the limitless potential of the accretion streams between two stars, time travel, and a race against time to avert not only the destruction of Atlantis but the extinction of an entire race.

We're talking Sheppard in an Asgard exo-suit getting into an action sequence akin to Iron Man, Todd getting into a fight with a future version of himself, John and Todd forming an odd-couple relationship, and that's all just what was planned in the opening two-parter.

Mallozzi also included names for episodes from the rest of the hypothetical season, including Children of the Corn/Fantastic Four, The Red Shirt Diaries and our favorite, HamsterBall. We don't know about you, but we'd love it if someone made these into books or comics. Better yet, maybe jump on that Kickstarter bandwagon. Some of these stories have to be told!

(via Joseph Mallozi's Weblog)



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