Entire text of The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and more makes beautiful poster art

Prose was never so purple as this. 

It's funny -- you string words together in such a way that you hope against hope it will connect with people. Sometimes you indulge in drink, sometimes you research until all hours of the night. There are times when inspires wakes in the middle of the night with perfect words, while other times you're stuck pounding your head against the desk, one bad edit after another.

But in all that time, we neglect how visually striking words can be. Spineless Classics, however, has not overlooked that fact. They've crafted posters that contain the entirety of some of our greatest literary works, many of them falling under the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. We've gathered a few of them together. Take a look and let us know if you're as pleasantly surprised as we were.

(via Geekologie)

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