9 sci-fi flops that deserve sequels (and 3 hits that don't)

Fair or not, the odds are against most movies that actually manage to make it all the way to the big screen. For every surprise hit, there are dozens of failed and forgotten flicks that crash and burn at the box office.

But just because a movie is a flop, that doesn’t actually mean it's bad. Sure, some big-budget bombs are terrible (see Battleship), but a few of those failed projects littering the road to profitability are actually pretty awesome.

A few were also just the first in a planned series, meaning there was a ton of great potential left untapped. So what are a few sci-fi bombs we’d love to see get a sequel? By the same token, we’ve also pulled together a few box-office hits that we hope never continue.

So do any of these deserve a sequel?

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