Cult star blasts CW's marketing campaign for show's cancellation

To the surprise of absolutely no one, The CW recently pulled the plug on the extremely low-rated meta murder mystery Cult. But the show’s star Matt Davis has a pretty good guess why the show lasted only a handful of episodes.

Focused on the mysteries of a cult-fave show-within-a-show, The CW put together a woefully vague and confusing marketing campaign that mostly succeeded in confusing potential fans into having no clue what the show was actually about.

Davis noticed that as well, and told fans about the cancellation with a great bit of snark via Twitter:

For the few thousand people who bothered to check it out, Rockne S. O'Bannon's Cult wasn’t terrible, but it was bogged down by its own forced meta-weightiness. It could’ve been interesting if given the time to grow, but it garnered terrible ratings (even by CW standards) and the network quickly knocked the show completely off the schedule.

Do you think the marketing campaign was to blame for the show’s failure?

(Via Digital Spy)

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